I’m Malena. This is probably my sixth attempt now at making one of these blogs. I wish I could say that I didn’t have time to keep up with them because I was exploring the Tibesti Mountains of the Sahara, drinking coffee across the Eiffel Tower, and catching fish with the Pirahas in Brazil. Rather, I was exploring the depths of my school library, mixing caffeinated drinks while studying, and catching sleep when I can. Yes, my occupation is a college student. And although I love, no sarcasm here, struggling with the acquisition of knowledge, I find myself lost in my own head after a long day’s worth of chemistry labs and pencil shavings.

Malena from Mars is like my journal of thoughts. I tend to keep myself in a bottle, hiding the bottle opener from anyone that tries to get near. And so, this is my attempt (again) to try to open myself up more. My brain is in no way linear, but rather, a five year old’s scribbled art, so I will write about a variety of different subjects. Maybe I’ll write about the foods I create, or destroy, the people I encounter, the adventures, or lack thereof, I take, or even the thing I thought about while daydreaming in class. Maybe I won’t write at all. But regardless, this is Malena from Mars, take six.